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An Ingenious Invention

hanks2The Summit Record of February 21, 1903 reported that Police Captain Brown was working on an invention to prevent false fire alarms. When a person reached into a fire signal box to trigger the switch, a steel clamp would gently trap his hand until a policeman or fireman responded to the call, and released him with a key. Captain Brown was assisted by his son, expert electrician George W. Brown. He intended to patent the device once it was completed.

The Editor urged all civic-minded residents to contribute to the Snow Plough Fund of the Township Improvement Association, in order to help them continue their good work. He referred to a recent heavy snowstorm, after which men and horses began to clear sidewalks with the T.I.A.'s five ploughs at 5:35 AM, and did not finish their work until after 9:00 AM.

A postal inspector was looking into allegations that Summit Postmaster Coggeshall had been selling stamps and stamped envelopes to businesses in New York in order to increase receipts, in violation of the policy against soliciting sales outside of his designated area.  Mr. Coggeshall denied the charge, and said that he could not be held responsible if businessmen purchased stamps in Summit for use elsewhere.

In the Classifieds. For Sale: a good, fresh Jersey cow; brand new Bailey Pneumatic Tire Runabout; pony, carriage, and harness.

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