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Celebration of Negro History Week

wafflesThe Summit Herald of February 14, 1928 reported that over 200 people attended an inter-racial meeting at Fountain Baptist Church in celebration of Negro History Week. Speakers included the church's pastor, Rev. Florence Randolph; the Secretary of the Summit YWCA, and Assemblyman John W. Clift. Between the speeches, the Hill City Quartet performed a selection of folk songs.

The First Baptist Church announced "Under Syrian Stars", a presentation by Princess Rahme Haldar of Damascus, a member of the Beni-Ghassan tribe which once ruled the ancient Ghassan kingdom. The Princess, in native costume, would talk about the history and current conditions of the Syrian people, and show a motion picture of her homeland called "Gems of the East".

Patrolman Benjamin Fitzpatrick appeared before Police Justice Robert Williams on a charge of assault by Mrs. Grace Cuthbert. Mrs. Cuthbert, a widow, had previously dated Officer Fitzpatrick, and there had been rumors that they might marry. Mrs. Cuthbert said that she was not engaged, and that she was planning to attend the theater with another man on the night of the incident. She claimed that Fitzpatrick had accosted her while she was alone in her sister's house, grabbed her by the throat, and threatened her with his loaded revolver. Officer Fitzpatrick denied the charges, and said that he had not touched Mrs. Cuthbert, and that he did not have his gun with him at the time, as he was off duty. He said that Mrs. Cuthbert ordered him out of the house, and when he asked why, she began to scream. The case was referred to the grand jury.

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