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Protect the American Eagle

28thanniversaryThe Summit Herald of February 7, 1930 reported that the Public Library had added about three dozen books in the month of January, including popular novels by Kenneth Roberts, Max Brand, and J.B. Priestley, and non-fiction books on economic foreign policy, best plays of 1929, and trapping and taxidermy.

The Common Council received a complaint from a resident that they were purchasing materials from vendors outside Summit, such as feed for the city's horses, without even getting price quotes from Summit merchants.

A report from Trenton indicated that the state population of horses was decreasing, as they were being replaced by tractors on many farms.

The Editor commented on the alarming decline of the American Eagle. Despite it being a symbol of the United States, the federal government classified it as "vermin" and paid bounties for shooting it. He urged all patriotic Americans to contact Congress, and support a bill protecting the eagle.


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