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Carpenters Demand $3 a Day

joseph yorkThe Summit Record of January 31, 1903 reported that the YMCA celebrated its 16th anniversary in Summit. Membership was at a new high: 170 men and 60 boys.

The Lackawanna Railroad offered special excursion tickets to New Orleans for Mardi Gras at the price of $34.15. Tickets were also available to Mobile and Pensacola for $32.15.

Carpenters in Summit belonging to the local union demanded an increase of 25¢ per day, starting April 1, which would bring their wages up to $3 per day.

Mayor Baldwin signed an ordinance authorizing the construction of a sidewalk on both sides of Springfield Avenue as far as Hobart Avenue. Construction was expected to be completed by spring or early summer.

Edward Scudder, a senior at Princeton, suffered an injury while firing a shotgun out his window. It was a university custom during the exam period for students to take a short "recess" around 10 PM by making noise with bells, horns, and firearms. Mr. Scudder lost the middle and index fingers of his left hand.

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