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The Parking Problem

permanentsThe Summit Herald of January 17, 1930 reported that the Business Men's Association held its annual meeting, at which they discussed the problem of parking in Summit, and the Mayor's proposal to build a private ramp-style parking garage.

At the annual meeting of the Library Board of Trustees, Librarian Emilie Hill announced that the library's collection of books had grown to 30,038, and that there were 8246 library card holders.

Chief of Police John F. Murphy, responding to requests from his officers, said that he would speak to the Mayor and Common Council about arranging straight 8-hour shifts for the police. Many policemen were working odd schedules, such as 7-10 AM, followed by a break, then 1-7 PM.

The Hamilton School PTA sponsored a concert of Russian and Gypsy folk music by the Balalaika Orchestra of New York.

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