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Beware of Fake Beggars

furcollarsThe Summit Herald of January 10, 1919 reported that a meeting was held at the YMCA to organize a relief committee for Armenians, Persians, Greeks, and Kurds in the Near East. The meeting was addressed by General Aspagelian, an Armenian soldier who fought with Russian forces during the war.

Mrs. George Davis was thrown out of her carriage when the horse she was driving panicked. She was taken to Overlook Hospital, and was scheduled to be released soon, as her injuries were not severe.

Miss Mary Hazell of Summit wrote a letter from Paris, where she was working with the YMCA. She described in detail the joyous celebrations in the streets when the Armistice was announced.

A local woman reported being approached by a beggar--a "rather stout, decrepit woman, somewhat past middle-age". The beggar claimed to have four starving children, no food, and no coal to heat her home. The lady gave her some food and asked her address. She telephoned the Cooperative Charities of Summit and provided the address, which turned out to be a vacant field.

An advertisement for electrical contractors Laird & Nash announced that while William Laird and Albert Nash were away serving their country, the business would be run by Miss Maysie Laird (with competent help).

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