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Presbyterian Peanut Hunt

delicaciesThe Summit Herald of December 20, 1929 reported that many local groups and organizations held Christmas parties. The Kiwanis Club Christmas luncheon featured a tree decorated with gifts, which were then donated to the Children's Home. The annual Christmas Carol service was scheduled for Christmas Eve at the municipal tree in Bonnell Park. The Presbyterian Men's Club party, attended by members and their wives, featured old-fashioned games, culminating in a peanut hunt. The guests were divided into "Dogs" and "Ducks", and barked and quacked as they searched for peanuts.

Santa Claus made a visit to Mr. Woodside's 6th period English class at the High School. He distributed various gifts, including a popgun for Mr. Woodside to "pop" disorderly students with.

The High School auditorium hosted the annual Christmas program of the elementary school choirs. The theme was carols of many nations. The concert began and ended with all the choirs singing together, and in between, each school choir performed a carol from a different country: Brayton (Austria), Roosevelt (Italy), Franklin (Belgium), Hamilton (Southern U.S.), Lincoln (Germany), and Washington (England).

Patrolman Newton Palmer saw a loose dog run towards 11-year-old Anna Kennington, knock her down, and bite her. The girl fought back with a stick, and the the policeman chased the dog away. He had no gun, being off-duty, but a well-aimed rock did the trick. Dr. Milligan treated Anna's wound, which was not serious. The owner of the dog was ordered to keep it tied up in the future.

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