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Runaway Sleigh

greenesThe Summit Record of December 13, 1902 reported that Mr. Charles Lummis was injured in an accident caused by runaway horses. Around 8:00 in the evening, Lummis was headed for the Canoe Brook Club In his sleigh. The family's pet dog was on the front seat of the sleigh, next to the coachman. It barked, which attracted the attention of a dog running loose. The stray dog began to howl, frightening the horses. They reared up, breaking a strap on the harness. The horses broke into a wild run down the hill. The coachman, while attempting to swerve the horses into a snowbank, was thrown off the sleigh. The horses then crashed into an electric light pole, which overturned the sleigh and freed them. Mr. Lummis suffered a dislocated shoulder and various cuts on his head and face. The sleigh was almost completely demolished. One horse was recaptured nearby; the other was found later that night in Chatham.

Local coal dealers were able to keep their customers supplied during a recent cold snap. Many other communities were suffering from a scarcity of coal due to widespread strikes in mining regions.

James Crann, a deputy fish and game commissioner, was chasing a poacher who was hunting rabbits in the snow, when he slipped and fell on the icy roadway. He suffered a compound fracture of the right leg. Another officer caught the poacher, who was scheduled to be brought before Justice Kelly.

In the Classifieds: A tutor was available for afternoon hours to teach children aged 5 to 11. "Nervous and backward pupils a specialty". Wanted, a small house in Summit. Willing to pay up to $5000 cash. A $50 reward was offered for the return of a lost lady's pearl and diamond brooch.

The advertisements for shops in Summit and Newark offered many suggestions for Christmas gifts. 5 lb. box of assorted chocolates, 90¢. Lady's silk umbrella, $3.75. Silver hair brushes, $1.75-$6.98. Toy boats, 19¢-$1.25. Lead soldiers, 25¢-$1.98. Magic lanterns, 25¢-$3.98. Pearl-handled pens, 80-$3-98.

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